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  • Khaz Modan Range

    The Khaz Modan range, also known as the Khaz Mountains stretch from [[Northeron]] to [[Stranglethorn Vale]]. The mountains contain the Dwarven and Gnomish land of Dun Morogh and intersect the Redridge Mountains in the land of [[Azeroth]].

  • Deadwind Pass

    Deadwind Pass leads through Khaz Modan south of the [[Redridge Mountains]]. It is filled with the long-dead remains of a forest. The Ivory Tower of [[Karazhan]] stands atop the side of the pass.

  • Rockard

    The oldest and largest orc settlement on Azeroth, it is a major waystation for commerce and travel to and from [[Draenor]] as well as a fortress. It's population is large enough for it to be considered a city by human standards, but much of the population …

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